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Cleaning tiles, natural stone and porcelain tiles

The cleaning agents described here are used primarily for the very first cleaning after the tiles have been laid or for thorough cleaning in the case of very heavy soiling. We always recommend using them before treating floors with impregnation agents, sealants, stain-proofer etc. Under Care you will find further cleaning agents and care products that are intended for routine use. Under Special Products further "problem solvers" are listed for special uses.

Neutral Cleaner for delicate flooring

Heavy-Duty Neutral Cleaner is a pH-neutral, aqueous cleaner containing tensides and additives. It does not contain colourants or fragrances and is suitable for cleaning most surfaces. Heavy-Duty Neutral Cleaner removes oily and greasy dirt, traces of rubber and aqueous floor care products. It is suitable for cleaning natural stone, tiles, terracotta, concrete etc. Grundreiniger -neutral-

Alkaline cleaners for stubborn soiling

Particularly stubborn soiling can be removed with Special Heavy-Duty Cleaner. Special Heavy-Duty Cleaner is an alkaline, aqueous cleaner containing tensides, solvents and additives. It does not contain colourants or fragrances. Special Heavy-Duty Cleaner removes old wax, floor care products, silicon edges, fine cement film, dry-bright floor emulsions and hardened oils from tiles, natural and artificial stone, porcelain tiling, brick tiles and terracotta. Do not use on surfaces like marble, limestone, glazes and concrete that are not caustic-resistant. Spezial-Grundreiniger

Acid cleaner for removal of cement residue and lime bloom

Cement Film Remover is an aqueous, acidic cleaner containing tensides. The active acid cleaner is suitable for tiles, fine stoneware, bricks, earthenware slabs, brick clinker and natural stone. Cement Film Remover removes lime bloom, cement film, residual concrete and grout. For this reason do not use on marble, limestone, concrete floors etc. Zementschleier-Entferner

Further cleaning agents

Other products from our line of cleaners such as Cement Film Remover for Marble, Serizzo Cleaner, Bathroom & Tile Cleaner, Scouring Powder, Grout Cleaner etc., can be found in the menu at the right side of the screen or below Care or Special Products.