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Maintenance and Care:

Care and routine cleaning of natural stone, fine stoneware, tiles...

Products for care of fine stoneware, natural stone and polished surfaces

With Porcelain Tile Care and Natural Stone Care we offer products for routine cleaning of natural stone, stoneware and fine stoneware. Natural Stone Care is especially suitable for natural stone like granite, marble, quartzite etc. Porcelain Tile Cleaner can be used for fine stoneware, glazed and unglazed tiles, stoneware and brick clinker. Both products are supplied as concentrate and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The products clean without leaving any residue and do not attack the surface or any previous ALPIN-CHEMIE coating. So you can maintain the beauty of your floor for as long as possible! Bathroom & Tile Cleaner

Cleaning products for routine care

Bathroom & Tile Cleaner is a self-acting acidic cleaner for removing lime scale and soap deposits, incrustation, urine stains and slight cement haze. For use with acid-proof surfaces such as tiles, toilets, baths, wash basins, plastic surfaces and stone floors with dirt remaining from building work. Bathroom & Tile Cleaner must not be used on cement slabs, marble or limestone. Porcelain Tile Care

Further products to care for your floors

Other products from our line of care products such as Marble Care, Terracotta Care and Terracotta Routine Cleaner can be found in the menu at the right side of the screen or under Special Products or Terracotta.