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Protect your fine stoneware and natural stone by impregnating and sealing it

The outstanding protective products from Alpin-Chemie continue to be developed in an ongoing process so they are always up to date from a technical aspect. Use protective products from ALPIN-CHEMIE for optimum protection for your flooring and other surfaces!

Why should I protect my flooring?

All natural stone but also unglazed composite stone and unglazed fine stoneware are more or less strongly porous. Sanding, polishing and other surface treatments open additional pores. Liquids can easily penetrate these pores and at the same time transport dirt and cause stains (like coffee, tea, wine, oil, grease, dyes etc.) in the flooring. You can usually recognise this when the floor looks darker as soon as it becomes wet. If you spill coffee on a surface like this it will be absorbed immediately and will cause a stain. Wit natural stone in particular, stains can permeate the tiles all the way through.
By treating them with our protective products this can be avoided and it will also reduce the amount of cleaning needed considerably. And you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your floor longer.
Marmor, geschuetzt durch CARROGARD ® stain repellent

Impregnating flooring

By impregnating agents we understand those that make the flooring water-repellent, oil-repellent or dirt-repellent, without filling in or sealing the pores of the surface. Despite this, water, oil and dirt will no longer be able to penetrate the surface. Since the pores are merely coated with an extremely thin layer, as a rule the appearance of the stone does not change, as with for example CARROGARD®, TCN Stain Repellent or Stone Protector 100. The surfaces will stay breathable whatever happens. By using CARROGARD® Stain Repellent intensive or Stone Protector STK 200 in addition, you can enhance the shade of the colour (wet look). With many types of natural stone this will bring out the structure of the stone beautifully. Abperleffekt auf mit TCN Stain Repellent behandeltem Sandstein

Sealing floors

In the case of sealing, the pores are filled in and a thin layer may form on the surface. The breathability of the stone may be slightly reduced depending on the material. For example when Stone Sealant or Concrete Sealing Agent is used a silky sheen forms on the surface. Spaltplatten aus Porphyr, versiegelt mit Stone Sealant

Terracotta range

Our line of products for cleaning, protecting and caring for terracotta surfaces (cotto floors) ranges from tiling aids (Tile Protection = Grouting Aid) to Cement Film Remover and stain-proofers through to routine cleaners. The modular product lines differ between "conventional" (without colour enhancement) and "natural" (with colour enhancement). You will find more details under the Terracotta menu item. Terracotta-Fliesen, geschuetzt durch Terracotta Stain Repellent

Protecting natural stone, tiles, fine stoneware

Further products from the protective lines, such as TCN Stain Repellent, Stain Repellent for Cast Stone, Stone Oil, Antique Marble Finishing Oil, Natural Stone Polish, Terracotta Natural Resin Oil, Terracotta BioWax, Terracotta Stain Repellent, Terracotta Wax Treatment and Terracotta Hard Sealant, can be found in the menu on the right side of the screen or under Terracotta.