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Special Products:

Removing mould, mildew stains, red wine stains, oil stains: Special Products

Removing mould, moss, mildew stains, red wine stains

We offer Mildew Remover containing bleach, Mildew Remover without bleach and the Moss and Algae Remover for removing mould, moss, algae, mildew stains, green film etc.
Mildew Remover -with bleach- contains active chlorine, which has a strong bleaching effect, and can therefore be used to remove stains left by red wine, coffee, coke, tea etc.
Mildew Remover -without bleach- contains special tensides that allow mould, lichen, moss and algae to die off. Its effects are long-lasting.
Moss and Algae Remover is supplied as a concentrate. 1 litre of concentrate will provide 10 litres of ready-to-use solution.
Mildew Remover -with bleach-

Important: Use Mildew Remover and Moss and Algae Remover safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Special cleaning products

We offer cleaners for the most diverse of jobs that are targeted to whatever your specific task is. This includes Oil Stain Remover, Grout Cleaner, Rust Converter, Scouring Powder etc in addition to our Mildew Removers (with and without bleach). Grout Cleaner

Further special products

Further products from this line, like Grout Colourant, Tile Edge Glaze, Cement Film Remover for Marble, Paint Remover Paste, Oil Stain Remover, Rust Converter etc. can be found in the menu at the right side of the screen.