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Terracotta Product Lines:

Cleaning, waxing and caring for terracotta

Alpin-Chemie's products for cleaning, waxing and care are recommended by leading manufacturers of terracotta. Our range is broken down into "conventional" methods of treatment (without colour enhancement) and "natural" methods (with colour enhancement). Which of the two systems you choose is a matter of personal taste. You will be satisfied with your terracotta tiles for a long time whichever of two methods you use.

Tile Protection = Grouting Aid

Tile Protection = Grouting Aid is an aid for fitting tiles which makes it easier to clean the terracotta surface after laying.
Terracotta (cotto) is a highly absorbent, porous material, into which cement slurry can easily penetrate during the grouting process and which can cause the flooring to turn grey. By using Tile Protection the pores are protected before cement slurry can penetrate and it is easier to clean the flooring after grouting. Tile Protection is designed so that after the surface has been acid washed, it is ideally prepared to absorb final impregnation or sealing.
We recommend carrying out a final treatment on principle in order to make the surface resistant to stains and make routine care easier. We offer two systems for treatment:
Tile Protection = Grouting Aid

Conventional System - without Colour Enhancement

With the conventional system terracotta stain protection is first applied. Then Wax Treatment (natural) is used followed by Terracotta Hard Sealant, if desired. Terracotta Care is used for routine care. Terracotta Stain Repellent

Natural System - with Colour Enhancement

With the natural system, the surface is given a preliminary treatment with Terracotta Natural Resin Oil. Then Terracotta BioWax is applied. Regular care is carried out with Terracotta Routine Cleaner. Terracotta treated with Terracotta BioWax and Terracotta Hard Sealing